Stony Point doesn't need special parking for barges - but the Coast Guard wants to give it to us anyaway! Please go to the attached page and read it.

Then tell the Coast Guard whay you think!

The Breakers Waterfront Development
Please read the linked file, and send your comments to the town ASAP while the scoping comments session is still open.The Breakers application for waterfront development could be a boom or a bust, depending on how the town carries out its environmental review. Read our letter to the Planning Board and scoping comments Read it HERE Listen to the audio file HERE

SPACE sponsors a candidate debate each election year so those candidates running for local elected office can speak directly to the voters about their plans to address critical issues and to describe their vision for the future of the Town of Stony Point. Please come to our 2015 Stony Point Candidate Debate on Monday, October 26 at 7pm at Rho Building. Doors will open at 6:15pm. We invite you to submit written questions for the candidates on the evening of the debate, or mail them to us in advance to PO BOX 100; Stony Point 10980, or by email and visit us on Facebook!

by Dr. James Cervino, Marine & Earth Scientist
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Part 1: Saturday, May 9, 2015 • Time: 1pm - 4pm
Part 2: Saturday, June 6, 2015 • Time: 1pm - 4pm
Chapel of St. John the Divine Parish Hall
170 Mott Farm Road • Tomkins Cove, NY 10986


A Joint Meeting with the Town Board and the Planning Board. Get the complete information about New Planet Energy, whomnw ants to build a gasification plant on the former Kay-Fries site.

Read it HERE:




We all thought Sergeant Schultz was so funny when he said this.
But it doesn't work at Town Hall.



Last year the town board met in "executive session", closed to the public, to discuss what they stated as "personnel matters" . Once in execuive session, they discussed selling the income stream from the town's cell towers to an outside company. They then voted to do it, never informing the residents of Stony Point! Read more...

SPACE "town hall" public meeting on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 at 7pm
at the RHO Community Building at 5 Clubhouse Lane (Letchworth), Stony Point, NY. The meeting will provide the opportunity to learn about a number of important issues facing the Town of Stony Point, including United Water's proposed Desalination Plant, the Champlain Hudson Power Express and the proposed amendments to the Stony Point Master Plan, among others. Town residents will have the opportunity to both ask questions and voice opinions. All are welcome. We are listening.

Two Stony Point candidate debates announced in October
Tuesday, October 15 and October 29 at 7pm
The Stony Point Action Committee for the Environment (SPACE) will hold two Stony Point candidate debates for supervisor and town council candidates on TUESDAY, October 15 and TUESDAY, October 29, 2013 at the Rho Building Community Center, 5 Clubhouse Lane, Stony Point, NY. The debates will begin promptly at 7pm. Doors will open at 6pm.


The SEQRA Public Hearing on the proposed Master Plan amendments will be opened at the Special Meeting noted below. While there are many good ideas proposed, there are some that are troublesome - like allowing townhouses (apartments) in the RR zone. This plan needs more public input. Please review on the Town website then Click Reference, then Master Plan


On Feb.5th there will be a special Town Board Meeting at the Farley School. The principals of the company proposing the CHPE electric line will be there to respond to resident's questions. As there is the major threat to adjacent property owners of a taking by eminent domain, we should all be there!


A very important metings for all Stony Pointers - A public hearing on the CHPE electric line slated to cut through properties in Stony Point from 1 to 4 pm Oct 23 and another public hearing to learn about a proposed "waste to energy" plant on the former Kay-Fries land 7 pm Oct 25. BE THERE!

sign law


Stony Point just passed a new sign law to deal with the proliferation of signs; political and business signs. Mostly a good idea, but it may be a major First Amendment problem - and illegal! We applaud the goal but believe more should have been done to protect everyone's rights. Read more...

Iona Island


Sunday June 10 - Doc Baynes presents his fascinating slide show and history of Iona Island. We all know where it is, but little more!Sunday Jube 17- Doc Baynes leads a hike around Iona Island - history brought to life!Get the flyer here!

$2BILLION EXTENSION CORD TO RUN THRU STONY POINT!1000 megawatts of electricity from Canada is coming down the Huidson River and comes ashore in Stony Point! Government officials from the State down to our town were asleep at the wheel - we need ACTION!
Read more... Download the flyer here

water glass


Expensive, wasteful, not needed! Want to know more? Want to speak out? GET THE FACTS: Thursday Feb,23, 7 pm Clarkstown Town Hall. Be there !PUBLIC HEARING Tuesday March 6; 2 pm, again at7 pm Haverstraw Town Hall. Sponsored by the Rockland Water Coalition. Get the Flier HERE



Election time in Stony Point! And SPACE will again host two debates between those running for office in Stony Point, Offices contested this year are Supervisor, two Town Council seats and County Legislator. Reserve Tuesday Oct. 18 and Tuesday Nov.1, both days 7 pm at the Rho Building Community Center. Bring your questions! Print the Poster...



It took years for the old Master Plan Committee to come up with a page and a half of recommendations. The Town Planner expanded that to 20 pages. What's going on here, and what's coming next? —The "Public Hearing" on those recommendations on May 10. Read them here, the Town doesn't publicize it.

No Thinking

NO THINKING ALLOWED. Malloy's has been destroyed.

Can the town get any more out of touch with its residents, any less in touch with its own history and sense of place, any more lacking in economic foresight?

Or is this just "progress". How, then, do we define "progress"?


Our last chance to save the historic Malloy's building. Once the center of town, once a $40,000 per year tax generator. Come to the Town Board Meeting 1/11/11 7 pm and make your voice heard!

Click here to get more information and petition copies you can download and have others sign!


The DEVIL is in the details!

Indeed! The Master Plan Committee has announced a Public Hearing at 7pm on Nov.30. Changes to the existing Master Plan will be discussed. Some ideas are good, but SPACE has concerns about some of them. You can read more here. Please read and consider, then come to the Public Hearing on Nov.30 and make your thoughts known!

Riverkeeper boat tour views potential uses for Stony Point waterfront

The Stony Point Action Committee for the Environment (SPACE) coordinated the outing with Riverkeeper for the purpose of generating some discussion about the Stony Point waterfront and its environmental and economic potential for the town, visitors and its residents. Read more...


Please join us for NEXT MEETING of:
The Stony Point History Roundtable:
"Doodletown; hiking through history in a vanished hamlet on the Hudson" Guest speaker Elizabeth "Perk" Stalter

Ms. Stalter will trace the hamlet's early history from the 1760s and share her personal memories o fDoodletown Learn more...

Iona Island

Please join us for a MEETING of:
The Stony Point History Roundtable:
IONA ISLAND: A History Not Forgotten

Guest Speaker:
Doc Bayne, historian and educator, will present the forgotten history of Iona Island. Learn More...

Mirant Coal Ash Pile at Lovett

Stony Point continues to subsidize the "cheap" cost of burning coal by having coal ash, a potential "ticking time bomb"  buried onsite at the Tomkins Cove Lovett property, while questions linger about if or when the town or the NYS DEC will ever require the toxins to be removed. Read more...

Susan Filgueras, SPACE History Roundtable

History Roundtable

We had our first meeting, it was exciting! Come and take a look!

Check our schedule for the next meetings. We would love to have you come and participate!

TOWN CLEANUP APRIL 24,9am at Farley Middle School


The April 2010 town Board Meeting…

The Good, the Bad, and the Creature.

The Journal-News doesn't cover Stony Point any more, so here are some notes from the last Town Board meeting that we found interesting.

Stony Point History

History Roundtable

We're back!

We are having our first meeting this Sunday April 18, with more to follow. Please check out our History page for more dates and information

SPACE 20th anniversary


For one thing, it's SPACE's 20th year! There's a new administration in Town Hall—and they are interested in a new Master Plan; and they have started a new Economic Development Committee. SPACE will also be hosting more History Roundtables this year. Lots of stuff "UP". Read more...


BROOKLYN — coming soon to a town near you.

Should you be concerned, you bet, especially if you are opposed to drinking Hudson River water & paying for the desal plant!

read more here...

Two debates for Stony Point candidates for Supervisor & Town Council. October 6 and 28 7:30 pm (doors open at 7 pm) at Rho Building, Letchworth Village.
County Executive Debate (Scott Vanderhoef & Thom Kleiner) Thursday October 8, 8 pm, Clarkstown Town Hall
Pirates 1, Home Team 0. SPACE Article 78 thrown out. Big-buck win for developer, long term loss for town Read (a lot) more...
Tomkins Cove Library

Please join us for NEXT MEETING of:
The Stony Point Historic Roundtable – bring your old photos, artifacts and maps from Stony Point along with YOUR stories about the history of our town for a history show-and-tell!
Sunday, April 26, 2009 • 1pm
Tomkins Cove Public LibraryRoute 9W • Tomkins Cove, NY Families are welcome!Read more...

wayer glass

Is Drinking Hudson River Water the Answer to
Rockland's Water Needs

Water coalition seeks greater public awareness about proposed
desalination-filtration of river by United Water

Read the info

download the flyer

The Stony Point Historic Roundtable is having its next meeting at 1pm on Sunday, March 22, 2009, at the Chapel of St. John the Divine; Episcopal Church Parish House. The guest speaker for the afternoon will be Tom Sullivan, a Stony Point historian, who is a lifelong North Rockland resident and currently a trustee of the Haverstraw Brick Museum. Tom will speak about his childhood memories of stories from three generations of his family who worked at the brickyards. Read more...
SPACE History Roundtable The Stony Point Action Committee for the Environment held its first meeting of the Stony Point History Roundtable with a capacity crowd of over 60 people at the Pyngyp Schoohouse
Community Center on SUNDAY afternoon, Frb.22. The guest speaker for the afternoon was Thomas F. X. Casey, senior Rockland County historian and President of the Board of Directors of the Historical Society of Rockland County. Read more...
The latest "Poop" on the Master Plan: The Supervisor has now farmed out the Master Plan to an outside company; this after his committee spent nearly two years coming up with a scanty page and a half of "suggestions" most people would consider an afternoon's work. Marino recently claimed in a letter to the Journal-News that Stony Point " not for sale!" Maybe, maybe not. Read this...
Who really runs Stony Point? Even though SPACE and a number of adjacent landowners filed an Article 78 Lawsuit to halt construction of the proposed ShopRite until a better (and legal) plan is devised. developer Pat Magee got they okay from his pals at town hall to start "grading" the land. But, what does "grading" consist of? And why isn 't there a signed map and a building permit? Take a look...
SPACE hosts Stony Point history roundtable. We are looking to get information on the history of Stony Point from as many "old-timers" as possible. So many have such great stories, we want to save them for the future. We are planning a series of these history rountables; they are open to all. Come with your stories and photos! Read the flyer...
The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. The Good is that the Ugly is now gone, and one of the worst polluters in the Hudson Valley has vanished. The Bad is that Stony Point no longer has the tax income from it - Mirant Lovett. Watch our video of the Lovett stack being demolished today at 10:00 am...
SPACE joins Hoke Drive residents in filing Article 78. The town board muzzled speakers during its public hearings on the ShopRite application. and largely ignored the written information supplied by SPACE. The only way to seek relief for town residents is to sue the town to compel them to overturn their ill-considered approval of the 93,000 sq. ft. shopping mall. Read more...
A REAL Comprehensive Plan? At the September 9 2008 Town Board meeting, SPACE submitted its comments and recommendations to the draft Comprehensive Plan. Supervisor Marino announced he wanted publuc input into the new Comprehensive Plan. Are we finally going in the right direction? Read more: download our comments & ideas...

Wrong-Way Master Plan! The town board announced it's new Master Plan at the February meeting. Written by town hall employees, appointees and consultants - and two residents, with the rest of the town excluded. It took two years to come up with about 3 pages of suggestions, including giving unprecedented power to the Building Inspector - a very bad idea! Read the Draft here.