4 Easy DIY Science Experiments that will Blow your Kids Away!

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It is quite hard to manage kids, especially when they stuck at home for holidays. They often get bored and do something notorious so here are some of the interesting things that they can do. This will not only kill their boredom but will also help them learn science better. So here are some of the DIY experiments that you can do at home and fascinate your kids.

4 Easy DIY Science Experiments that will Blow your Kids Away!

A live multicolour pool:

You will need a not-too-shallow plate, food colouring(different colours), full-fat milk and liquid detergent.  Pour the milk onto the plate and drop food colour randomly at different places. Now take a small hand towel and roll it so that it is not more than the size of your palm if measured vertically. Now dip one-fifth size of the roll in the detergent and make sure it absorbs the detergent to avoid a mess. Now place the rolled towel on the plate with the soaked side touching the plate. The cool pool is ready. The final effect will look like a multicolor pool in motion.

A pool of artificial sperms:

For this experiment, you will need canola oil, a cylindrical glass tumbler, blue colour food colour, water, and effervescent tablets. Now fill a three-forth portion of the tumbler with oil. Then drop about 10 to 15 drops of the blue food colour. Add a little water to the tumbler. Now drop two effervescent tablets as well. The insoluble water droplets, the tablet and the food colour, go together and create an ocean-like effect and you will see blue sperm-like particles floating in the water.

DIY Jellyfish:

Forget the pool and the sperm thing that we did. We are crossing all boundaries and recreating science by making a living jellyfish at home, or to be more precise the effect of a live jellyfish. The experiment is quite simple, and all we need are a one-litre water bottle, a plastic bag, scissors, white string, water and blue dye. Fill half the bottle with water with the blue dye mixed with it. Cut the plastic bag into small trips and tie them together to make it look like a jellyfish. Attach it to the string and fix it to the cap. Add few more drops of blue dye and let the object float. You have your own pet now.

Foamy volcano:

Want to see a cool volcano rise to life? This is all you need. Get a water bottle, hydrogen peroxide solution, dishwashing soap, warm water, yeast, food colouring and a cooking pan. Now place the water bottle on the cooking pan and fill the bottle with hydrogen peroxide solution until it is half full. Add few drops of food colouring and liquid soap. You will also need a water solution with yeast. Now add the yeast solution slowly to the water to see your volcano erupt.


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